Portfolio Management

Manage your company’s product pipeline from early clinical phases through late stage marketing.

Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategy (PH199)

Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management - Build a well-integrated product LCM strategy to expand and extend portfolio value.

Post-Patent Generic and Biosimilar Defense Strategies (PH181)

Create robust counter-generics strategies to retain products’ market share and prevent revenue erosion after patent expiration.

Pharmaceutical New Product Planning (PH176)

Reinforce new product planning teams to create a strong commercial voice for developing brands and support business development.

Pharmaceutical Portfolio Management Strategy (PH162)

Master portfolio management and drive coordinated execution using benchmarks and best practices from pre-clinical development through late lifecycle management.

Pharmaceutical Business Development and Licensing (PH154)

Empower business development teams and licensing groups to pursue partnership opportunities and close the right deals. Benchmark pharma and biotech BD&L resources and improve deal-making protocols and alliance management.

Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions (PH133)

Realize deal value, target the right opportunities and complete post-M&A integration as quickly as possible.

Pharmaceutical Alliance Management (PH119)

Craft a robust alliance management strategy to bridge organizational gaps and drive pharma partnership project success while preparing for contingencies.

Pharmaceutical Product Relaunch: Preserving Market Share (PH98)

Uncover the strategy, science, investments and timing behind common relaunch strategies.

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