Medical Affairs

Transform medical affairs’ expanding scope of responsibility into a center of strength for your company.

Investigator-Initiated Trial Management (PH212)

Use Investigator-Initiated Trial Management to accelerate IIT practices while upholding transparency requirements. Build the perfect IIT budget and ensure fair market value compliance. This report delves into the key factors impacting IIT management success: proposal selection, evaluation team structure, resources, performance metrics and compliance.

Global Key Opinion Leader Compensation 2015 (PH208)

Use this groundbreaking report to stay compliant and keep pace with the rapid, worldwide formalization of FMV processes and legislation. Smart management depends on three key points — standardized rate cards, clear KOL scoring systems and regular access to reliable FMV rates — and this report covers all three.

Capture and Communicate the Full Value of Medical Science Liaisons (PH207)

Medical science liaisons serve as the company’s voice when communicating with key opinion leaders. Despite their role in shaping these important relationships, MSL teams struggle to prove their value to company strategy.

Medical Information and Call Center Performance (PH206)

Medical information call center staffing benchmarks, including number of agents per manager and outsourcing levels, allow teams to adjust staffing to meet fluctuating project demands.

Medical Publications Planning (PH201)

Transparency is of growing importance to both the pharmaceutical industry and scientific community.  New methods - open access journals, online portals - have emerged that help companies publish their clinical data. This report is a detailed benchmarking study of current medical publications team structures and strategies.

Middle East FMV Processes and Physician Fee Schedules (PH191)

This report provides data benchmarks for setting fair-market value compensation for healthcare providers in the Middle East.  The best practices and strategic insights are gathered from top pharmaceutical companies operating in the region and provide guidance for establishing FMV protocols and procedures at the country-level.

Pharmaceutical Advisory Boards (PH190)

Use this report's detailed data and best practices on pharmaceutical advisory boards to recruit the ideal ad board participants, establish clear protocols to create actionable deliverables and use participant feedback to drive improvements and build relationships with key players.

Health Outcomes Liaison and Managed Care Liaison Teams (PH188)

Learn strategies for building an efficient HOL team and discover best practices to get the best results out of payer interactions.

Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leader Management (PH183)

Examine pharmaceutical thought leader management team structures, staffing and budgets.  Benchmark pharmaceutical key opinion leader segments for the top three pharma thought leader tiers, five company sizes and 26 therapeutic areas.

Medical Affairs (PH184)

Explore pharmaceutical medical affairs team structures, staffing and budgets as groups take on more medical communication, health economics and thought leader development activities.

Pharmaceutical Continuing Medical Education (PH179)

Adapt educational speaker program teams, recruitment practices and event management to coming regulatory changes under the Sunshine Act.

Phase IV Clinical Trials (PH157)

Design and execute Phase IV (4) clinical trials with trial timelines, budget benchmarks, and breakdowns of trial management and strategy.

The Toolkit for Diabetes MSL Programs (PH130)

Strengthen your diabetes Medical Science Liaison team with hard-to-find data on budgets, staffing, field activities and compensation.