Marketing Reports

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing (PH196)

Augment social media and mobile app use to enhance brand value.  Find out how top pharmaceutical companies determine resource levels needed in aligning digital marketing with brand/corporate team goals.

Promotional Speaker Programs

Promotional Speaker Programs (PH182)

Prepare promotional speaker program teams for the Sunshine Act by refocusing events on medical messages, adapting speaker bureaus, fine-tuning event management and recruiting speakers.

Pharmaceutical Mobile Health

Pharmaceutical Mobile Health (PH174)

Explore in-depth mobile health (mHealth) data including mobile team structures, usage of mHealth initiatives, best practices and 10 mobile application case studies. 

Launching Pharmaceutical Brands

Launching Pharmaceutical Brands (PH170)

Compare detailed spending benchmarks for 15 brands in the US, EU and other markets to improve your chances for launch success.   

Patient Adherence and Compliance

Patient Adherence and Compliance (PH166)

Develop the internal resources and strategy to engage patients, build consumer relationships and drive improved outcomes.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy

Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy (PH156)

Understand ROI benchmarks, set your marketing mix and drive brand sales.

Designing Patient Communication Programs

Designing Patient Communication Programs (PH131)

Form lasting patient relationships with patient-focused communication tools, strong educational standards and meaningful ROI.

Global Pharmaceutical Launches

Global Pharmaceutical Launches (PH62)

Prepare for drug launch by tracking budget and staffing data for 16 brands from Phase III through post-launch.

Driving Successful Pharma Brands

Driving Successful Pharma Brands (PH123)

Launch your drug in the US with detailed benchmarks for advertising and promotion, medical affairs, market access and more.

The Evolving Global Meeting Management Strategy

The Evolving Global Meeting Management Strategy (PH111)

Boost meeting attendance and address tough compliance issues while addressing demands from internal and external clients.

In Vitro Diagnostics

In Vitro Diagnostics (PH101)

Track IVDs’ commercial development with data on investment benchmarks, marketing organizations, reimbursement support and sales forces.

Pharmaceutical Customer Relationship Management

Pharmaceutical Customer Relationship Management (PH96)

Build customer relationship management skills to manage data and communications across the organization.

Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Marketing Budgets

Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Marketing Budgets (PH95)

Boost your projects’ commercial potential with early spending data for 14 brands' resources from pre-clinical through Phase 2.

Post-Launch Brand Marketing in Affiliate Markets

Post-Launch Brand Marketing in Affiliate Markets (PH97)

Explore brand marketing budgets in seven affiliate markets — including developed and emerging economies.

Product Director Guide to Promotional Mix

Product Director Guide to Promotional Mix (PH87)

Track 9 brands through their first 3 years of annual spending in advertising, promotion, market access and decision support.

Medical Devices Product Management

Medical Devices Product Management (PH80)

Explore benchmarks for medical device development, launch and marketing — including budgeting, timelines, structures and postmarket management.

Blockbuster Pharmaceutical Launches

Blockbuster Pharmaceutical Launches (PH85)

Drive years of blockbuster returns with smart investment and strategic planning that eliminates the hurdles facing any high-profile brand.

Marketing Mid-Tier Pharmaceutical Brands

Marketing Mid-Tier Pharmaceutical Brands (PH84)

Push sub-blockbuster brands as far as possible with detailed resource benchmarks from development through post-launch.

Small and Specialty Drug Branding

Small and Specialty Drug Branding (PH83)

Harness resource data to support the development and launch of specialty/niche brands within global, US and European groups.

European Pharmaceutical Marketing

European Pharmaceutical Marketing (PH71)

Benchmark marketing resources from development through post-launch with brand data at the pan-European and affiliate levels.

Oncology Brand Commercialization

Oncology Brand Commercialization (PH68)

Set commercialization and launch resources for oncology drugs using benchmarks for a range of critical variables.