Market Access Reports

Pharmaceutical Big Data Insights

Pharmaceutical Big Data Insights (PH195)

Obtain hard-to-find Big Data benchmarks.  Learn how top companies leverage health outcomes, social media, patient-reported outcomes and other real-world data to drive a broad range of prospective Big Data strategies. 

Market Access and Reimbursement

Market Access and Reimbursement (PH189)

Benchmark market access budgets, pinpoint ideal resource allocation and accurately measure success to prove the value of market access through tactical ROI calculations.

Health Outcomes Liaison and Managed Care Liaison Teams

Health Outcomes Liaison and Managed Care Liaison Teams (PH188)

Learn strategies for building an efficient HOL team and discover best practices to get the best results out of payer interactions.

Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy

Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy (PH185)

Build dedicated pharmaceutical pricing teams to manage a global market and increasing pharma regulations, and to embrace health economics and comparative effectiveness data.

Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing

Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing (PH172)

Explore pharmaceutical launch sequencing factors, manage the impact of reference pricing and prepare for future growth in key emerging markets.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (PH175)

Use this report to win reimbursement, align HEOR with corporate objectives, and allocate resources across health economics priorities.

U.S. Managed Markets

U.S. Managed Markets (PH164)

Win reimbursement, anticipate payer needs and build a superior US managed markets function.