Market Access

Position your product in new markets with sound data and a strong reimbursement profile.

Global Market Access Strategies (PH223)

Strategies and best practices that guide pharmaceutical market access teams to build strong payer relationships and gain optimal reimbursement.

Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing (PH219)

Improve pharmaceutical product launch sequencing to maximize revenue and ensure global market access.

Managing Market Access Launch Activities (PH217)

Optimize market access activities – especially payer relationship priorities – at product launch to obtain maximum reimbursement.

Comparative Effectiveness Research (PH213)

Use comparative effectiveness research to strengthen value stories for payers, patients and physicians.

Building World-Class HEOR Teams (PH211)

Benchmark health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) team resources and study metrics to cultivate payer relationships and win reimbursement.

US Government Drug Reimbursement (PH204)

Strategies for attaining formulary position and negotiating prices for U.S. government drug reimbursement requires are growing more sophisticated.

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PH203)

Use patient-reported outcomes to guide product development and improve market access initiatives.  Leverage the healthcare consumer perspective to strengthen product value propositions during regulatory approval and reimbursement discussions and to gain insight to drive commercial potential.

Managed Markets Account Managers (PH200)

In response to payers’ increased pressure on pharmaceutical and medical device prices, the industry is leveraging new research to bolster the value proposition for new drugs and therapies. However, simply developing this information is not enough.  Managed markets teams are the effective and efficient solution to convey key data to payers.

Pharmaceutical Big Data Insights (PH195)

Big Data is forcing the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to re-examine every research channel for opportunities to improve various departments’ work.  Harness Big Data to increase efficiency of data analysis during prospective and retrospective studies and better meet patient needs through improved market intelligence.

Health Outcomes Liaison and Managed Care Liaison Teams (PH188)

Learn strategies for building an efficient HOL team and discover best practices to get the best results out of payer interactions.

Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategy (PH185)

Benchmark your company's pharmaceutical pricing budgets, team headcounts and structures. Implement best practices to improve pricing strategies.

U.S. Managed Markets: Driving Commercial Success through Outcomes-Based Reimbursement (PH164)

Win reimbursement, improve payer communication and build a world-class managed markets function.