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Latest White Papers

    Looking Ahead to 2015: The Life Science Executive Guide From Cutting Edge Information 2015

    What are life science companies focusing on for 2015? We draw from our key research findings over the last year to identify three areas that are crucial to the industry. The first major learnings surround (Big) Data management that accommodates both the traditional definition of Big Data and the importance of a wide range of new data sources that are critical to healthcare. The second set of findings focuses on the need for companies to lead the way in dealing with regulatory and transparency issues. The final set outlines how companies use customer-centric practices and strategies to address a cross-section of pharma topics, including physician needs, access challenges, medical information duties, managed market account manager roles, publications strategies, HEOR spending and payer discussions.

    Planting a Data Farm with mHealth and N-of-1 Trials to Increase Personalized Medicine and Expedite Clinical Research 2014

    Personalized and rapid clinical research is a long-term goal for the life sciences industry. To advance these goals, organizations can develop standardized mobile apps for patients to track their n-of-1 trial data. Ideally, these apps could funnel interoperable data into one data farm from which researchers harvest trial data. With such a system in place, investigators can explore patient subgroups while expediting clinical research timelines.

    Bring Personalized Medicine to the Forefront of Clinical Trials with Aggregated n-of-1 Trials 2014

    The life sciences industry is slowly shifting its focus from creating blockbuster drugs to rare diseases and personalized medicine. However, randomized controlled trials — the standard in clinical research — may not be the best trial design to meet these needs because they require large sample sizes and do not offer many incentives for participation. Instead, single-patient multiple crossover trials (called n-of-1 trials) may be a good alternative for companies studying small patient populations. In these trials, a patient alternates between treatment methods (or the treatment and a placebo) to determine which is most effective for the individual patient. Companies or CROs can aggregate multiple n-of-1 trials to both study small patient groups and to highlight personalized medicine in clinical research.

    Embracing ePro to Improve Data Quality and Support Big Data Strategies in Clinical Development 2014

    Rapidly growing technology and informatics capabilities are fueling operations throughout life science companies. Clinical teams are more readily looking to electronic data capture systems and other digital capabilities to streamline clinical trials. To create truly impactful findings whilealso decreasing the cost and duration of clinical studies, many pharmaceutical companies look to Big Data strategies. However, metric-heavy findings are nt enough to support product success in today’s healthcare market. Companies are also looking to electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) to inform clinical findings