Latest Reports

Medical Information and Call Center Performance (PH206)

Use the data and insights in this report to structure and support medical information activities more effectively.  The study will help medical information executives to benchmark call center performance with relevant KPIs. It will also uncover strategies, tactics and benchmarks that demonstrate team value and help medical information maintain visibility within the organization.

Clinical Investigator FMV and Compensation Benchmarks (PH202)

Learn how biopharmaceutical and medical device companies establish and justify their clinical investigator FMV rates.  This report also provides valuable metrics to build comprehensive clinical trial budgets, plan for likely pass-through or direct costs from trial sites and prepare for upcoming investigator meetings. 

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PH203)

Use patient-reported outcomes to guide product development and improve market access initiatives.  Leverage the healthcare consumer perspective to strengthen product value propositions during regulatory approval and reimbursement discussions and to gain insight to potential commercial success.    

Medical Publications Planning (PH201)

Benchmark your medical publications team’s performance against other drug manufacturers’ metrics.  Demonstrate medical publications' value to the organization, boost investment in the department and meet diverse stakeholder needs for clinical and scientific information.

Managed Markets Account Managers (PH200)

Discover how life science companies build effective teams and efficient infrastructure to meet payers’ growing needs.  Coordinate clinical, market access and medical affair groups to build successful managed markets organizations.  Communicate consistent messages that justify current prices and present their products’ value to payers.

Health Economics for Medical Devices (PH198)

Benchmark your medical device HEOR group performance against your competitors, with real-company examples and case studies. Learn how HEOR teams can best support Class II and Class III medical devices throughout their lifecycle. This report will help you to define best practices for making the most out of your HEOR studies to drive reimbursement decisions.

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing (PH196)

Augment social media and mobile app use to enhance brand value.  Find out how top pharmaceutical companies determine resource levels needed in aligning digital marketing with brand/corporate team goals.

Pharmaceutical Sales Management (PH193)

Explore new strategies and tactics that sales forces use to overcome access barriers and provide customer value in today’s increasingly restrictive landscape.

Pharmaceutical Big Data Insights (PH195)

Obtain hard-to-find Big Data benchmarks.  Learn how top companies leverage health outcomes, social media, patient-reported outcomes and other real-world data to drive a broad range of prospective Big Data strategies. 

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (PH194)

Build up regulatory affairs' profile within your company, solidify two-way relationships with regulatory agencies and coordinate global submission strategy with local regulatory affairs teams.  Strengthen clinical and commercial teams' ability to secure product approval and win the best possible reimbursement status.