Latest Reports

Global Market Access Strategies (PH223)

Strategies and best practices that guide pharmaceutical market access teams to build strong payer relationships and gain optimal reimbursement.

Patient-Centricity 2.0 (PH222)

Adopt patient-centricity to engage end users and focus on patient needs

Pharmacovigilance (PH225)

Balance pharmacovigilance resources and structures, coordinate case management and other drug safety activities and adjust standard operating practices to better align with new regulatory guidance.

Post-Marketing Study Excellence (PH220)

This report examines strategies for companies looking to invest in a post-marketing study to help prove product effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical Launch Sequencing (PH219)

Improve pharmaceutical product launch sequencing to maximize revenue and ensure global market access.

Medical Device Scientific Affairs (PH231)

Benchmarking reports provide comprehensive analysis of medical device companies’ scientific affairs departments.

Travel Policy Compliance for Engaging with HCPs (SRV1000)

Set HCP travel compensation rates and policy for travel time, hotel accommodation, airfare, acclimation and more.

Global Key Opinion Leader Compensation 2016 (FMV101)

Get an overview of fair market value compensation trends across the industry, get access to more accurate and complete FMV data, and learn how to tier and utilize thought leaders for your company.

Pharma Key Account Management (PH218)

Learn how Pharmaceutical Key Account Managers (KAMs) combine sales proficiency with managed markets knowledge to create a single point of contact for diverse customers who have different and challenging needs.