Latest Reports

Clinical Outsourcing (PH209)

Use clinical outsourcing benchmarks and best practices to improve clinical structures, vendor and site selection and management, and patient recruitment.

Medical Device Development (PH210)

Navigate medical device development and commercialization to ensure that you have human and financial resources to ensure successful US launches.

Building World-Class HEOR Teams (PH211)

Benchmark health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) team resources and study metrics to cultivate payer relationships and win reimbursement.

Investigator-Initiated Trial Management (PH212)

Master investigator-initiated trial management practices while upholding transparency requirements. Build an IIT budget and ensure FMV compliance.

Global Key Opinion Leader Compensation 2015 (PH208)

Stay compliant and keep pace with the rapid, worldwide formalization of FMV processes and legislation. Smart management depends on three key points — standardized rate cards, clear KOL scoring systems and regular access to reliable FMV rates — and this report covers all three.

Capture and Communicate the Full Value of Medical Science Liaisons (PH207)

Prove value for medical science liaisons with key metrics and analysis, set MSL compensation, structure MSL teams and refine medical strategy.

US Government Drug Reimbursement (PH204)

Strategies for attaining formulary position and negotiating prices for U.S. government drug reimbursement requires are growing more sophisticated.

Risk-Based Monitoring (PH205)

Simplify risk-based monitoring and use it to facilitate trial processes and anticipate issues related to RBM implementation.

Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management Strategy (PH199)

Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management - Build a well-integrated product LCM strategy to expand and extend portfolio value.

Medical Information and Call Center Performance (PH206)

Set call center strategies and tactics with the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks that demonstrate medical information value.