Latest Reports

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing (PH196)

Augment social media and mobile app use to enhance brand value.  Find out how top pharmaceutical companies determine resource levels needed in aligning digital marketing with brand/corporate team goals.

Pharmaceutical Sales Management (PH193)

Explore new strategies and tactics that sales forces use to overcome access barriers and provide customer value in today’s increasingly restrictive landscape.

Pharmaceutical Big Data Insights (PH195)

Obtain hard-to-find Big Data benchmarks.  Learn how top companies leverage health outcomes, social media, patient-reported outcomes and other real-world data to drive a broad range of prospective Big Data strategies. 

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (PH194)

Build up regulatory affairs' profile within your company, solidify two-way relationships with regulatory agencies and coordinate global submission strategy with local regulatory affairs teams.  Strengthen clinical and commercial teams' ability to secure product approval and win the best possible reimbursement status.

Clinical Development and Trial Operations (PH192)

This report provides a benchmarking tool to use cost-per-patient metrics to guide budgeting decisions, set clinical trial headcounts appropriately and set outsourcing strategy with trial data from 22 different therapeutic areas.

Middle East FMV Processes and Physician Fee Schedules (PH191)

Set fair-market value compensation and protocols for healthcare providers in the Middle East,  gathered from top pharmaceutical companies operating in the region.

Pharmaceutical Advisory Boards (PH190)

Use detailed data and best practices to recruit ideal advisory board participants, establish clear protocols to create actionable deliverables and use participant feedback to drive improvements and build relationships with key players.

Market Access and Reimbursement (PH189)

Benchmark market access budgets, pinpoint ideal resource allocation and accurately measure success to prove the value of market access through tactical ROI calculations.

Health Outcomes Liaison and Managed Care Liaison Teams (PH188)

Learn strategies for building an efficient HOL team and discover best practices to get the best results out of payer interactions.

Driving Pharmacovigilance Success (PH187)

Manage efficient pharmacovigilance teams and explore social media’s influence on reporting adverse events.