Company Directory

Customer Service

Heather Corcoran

Service Team Leader

Heather Corcoran has supported and spearheaded customer service projects since 2004. In 2012, Heather became the company’s Service Team Leader, a role which oversees the customer service, accounting and database teams. Heather’s role focuses on linking CEI with its client base and providing critical customer feedback to the Research, Sales and Marketing teams to evolve CEI’s product line.


Jason Richardson

President and CEO

Jason Richardson is President and CEO of Cutting Edge Information. Mr. Richardson, who co-founded CEI, has specialized in pharmaceutical consulting and real-company based research since 1996. His clients have included the world’s top pharmaceutical firms and companies in the telecommunications, financial services, media, automotive, technology, and government sectors, among others.

Adam Bianchi

Senior Director, Client Relationship Management

Mr. Bianchi leads Cutting Edge Information's marketing and sales divisions. He has a broad range of expertise helping clients meet key challenges including market access management, medical affairs strategy, new drug launches, product commercialization, brand management, pharmaceutical-biotechnology partnerships, e-business, and customer relationship management


Elio Evangelista

Director of Operations

Elio Evangelista has studied medical affairs groups since joining Cutting Edge Information in 2002. He has built his expertise around fair-market value compensation for thought leaders, MSL program operations, continuing medical education support, publications processes and the effects of regulatory change on medical teams. As a leader of Cutting Edge Information's research group, he has helped CEI clients develop better performance measurement systems, implement strategic recommendations and create more efficient operations.

Chris Inks

Head of Operations

Chris Inks began her career with Cutting Edge Information as a Senior Account Manager in 2008, bringing more than 14 years of experience working with teams to develop, evaluate, and manage the needs of current and potential clients. She has become a leader in developing new business relationships and expanding existing associations with key accounts.

Product Development

Eric Bolesh

Senior Director of Product Development

In addition to leading the company’s research division, Eric Bolesh has conducted work on brand commercialization and launch, patient communications, business development and licensing, counter-generics strategies, and clinical development.


Judy Carrasco

Quality Team Leader

Judy Carrasco joined Cutting Edge Information in 2007. Ms. Carrasco leads the quality team, which focuses on ensuring that CEI consistently delivers relevant, clear and error-free communications. A key aspect of her role is to coordinate the company’s report launch process from the draft stage to publication.


Ryan McGuire

Head of Research

Ryan McGuire is a proud graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in finance. Born and raised in New Jersey, Ryan moved to North Carolina in 2008 to start a new career with Cutting Edge Information. Since joining CEI Ryan has led research projects in topic areas such as: clinical operations, market access, medical affairs, patient recruitment, lifecycle management, investigator initiated trials (IITs), medical publications and medical information.

David Richardson

Research Manager

Research Team Leader David Richardson joined the Cutting Edge Information team in 2003. He has conducted pharmaceutical consulting and research work that includes studies focused on sales force management, sales training, clinical trials operations, brand commercialization, alliance management, competitive intelligence, compliance management and generics defense strategies. He has also conducted research on financial services topics such as market segmentation and recruiting, hiring and training.